Let’s Reach and support Who need it Most.


Let’s Reach and support Who need it Most.


Let’s Reach and support Who need it Most.

5 Years Of Undefeated Success
Welcome to Samaarambh

5 Years Of Undefeated Success

SAMAARAMBH FOUNDATION is a NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION (NGO) founded and run by a group of like-minded individuals from diverse fields, coming together to reach out and help the deprived strata of our society residing in remote areas of our country. The foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (NFPO) that works on Private-Public-Participation (PPP) Model.

45+ Projects Successfully Finished
Area UK, UT of Ladakh, J&K and HP
7 States,organisation’s intervention has expanded in 7 states.
Majority majorly out of which 29 were focused on Uttarakhand

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Let’s education for children get good life

Join Hands with Us: Together, Let's Create a Brighter Future for Those in Need.


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Your Donations Are the Building Blocks of a Better, More Inclusive Society.


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Your Investment in Our Mission Is an Investment in a Better World for All.

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लोकः समस्तः सुखिनो भवन्तु

  • Providing quality education to every child,
    creating livelihood opportunities to break
    the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation
    to restore hope for a better and sustainable future.

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Let’s Reach and support Who need it Most.

  • Our mission is to Provide Educational & Financial Aid,
    Technical Assistance & Equipment,
    Conducting Awareness session for Organize Health check-up Camps

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When You Give, You Not Only Offer Resources but Also Open Doors to Opportunity, Education, and Empowerment for Those Less Fortunate

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1. Module of Samaarambh!

Step 1- Study REQUEST LETTERS Received from schools/ Administration and Villagers
Step 2- Prioritize requests based on URGENCY ,IMPACT & Number of Beneficiaries
Step 3- Site Visit and data collection of beneficiary
Step 4- Cost analysis of aid and project management
Step 5- Sharing project details with partner organisations
Step 6- Getting required approvals and Grants from participating partners.
Step 7- Organising and Managing entire Event.
Step 8- Sharing completion report along with the Impact derived.